900T Series Telescopic Pop-Up

A straight flow valve has a patented open flow design. There are no 90 degree angles that the flow of water has to maneuver around. This allows for flow rates as far low as 1 GPH. The diaphragm inside does not cause hammering when closing like a typical valve.


Body Height: 4” Pop-Up Body
Pop-Up Height: 7”
Exposed Surface Diameter: 2 1/8”


Body Height: 6” Pop-Up Body
Pop-Up Height: 13”
Exposed Surface Diameter: 2 1/8”
Side Inlet


  • Double acting telescoping piston
  • Two independent heavy duty stainless steel retraction springs
  • Integrally molded “Leak-Stopper” gaskets prevent any body-cap leaks
  • Designed for shallow trench and labor savings
  • Patented Lateral discharging flush plug to aid installation
  • High impact virgin ABS plastic construction of body, pistons and cap
  • Spring-loaded ratchet on all models for directional adjustment of spray pattern
  • Side inlet on 913T
  • 7” pop-up has a overall retracted body height as 4” pop-up body 900 Series
  • 13” pop-up has a overall retracted body height as 6” pop-up body 900 Series
  • 7” pop-up can be field retrofit into HIT 900 Series
  • 4” body or Rainbird 1804 body
  • 13” pop-up can be field retrofit into HIT 900 Series
  • 6” body or Rainbird 1806 body

Operating Specifications

  • Operating pressure range: 20-70 PSI, 25-70 PSI with CKV
  • Recommended working pressure: 30 PSI
  • Recommended working pressure with PRD: 30-70 PSI

Options Available

• Check Valve (CKV): holds up to 14 feet of head
• In stem pressure regulating device (PRD)
– PRD-30 (30 PSI Outlet)
– PRD-40 (40 PSI Outlet)
– PRD-45 (45 PSI Outlet)
• Reclaimed purple cap


  • ½” female pipe thread on bottom inlet
  • Male threaded piston to accept fixed or adjustable arc nozzles with female threads

PRD-30 Performance Graph

PRD-40 Performance Graph

PRD-45 Performance Graph