RainPro Hand Pump

The RainPro hand pump is a manually operated, rugged, self-priming, debris tolerant pump that is manufactured to easily and quickly pump out water filled: valve boxes, broken pipelines, sprinkler repair sites, or anyplace you want to pump water away from. This hand pump will flow up to 13 GPM or ¼ gallon per stroke.

To use, simply insert the 1-½’’ pump intake on bottom of shaft into the water you want vacated and place the flexible outlet hose (6’ long) to the location you want the water to be pumped. The water can be muddy and laden with dirt and debris. Should pump get clogged, it can be easily disassembled, cleaned and back to use in a couple of minutes.

Repair parts are available.

HP-36-G with HP-3EXT

Hand pump with extension


  • High Flow Capacity – 13 GPM, 4 strokes per gallon.
  • Self-Priming Action
  • Special reinforced shaft
  • Intake grate filter designed to prevent internal clogging of any ingested debris
  • Removable Intake Cap and Top Cap for easy cleaning
  • Outlet Stake directs discharge
  • Polyvinyl body and components eliminate rust or corrosion

Operating Specifications

  • Body has overall length of 39’’, diameter of 1½’’
  • Flexible outlet hose is 6’ long and will not crush