Direct Bury Connector Kit

A straight flow valve has a patented open flow design. There are no 90 degree angles that the flow of water has to maneuver around. This allows for flow rates as far low as 1 GPH. The diaphragm inside does not cause hammering when closing like a typical valve.


Water proof, direct bury, gel filled splice housings


Waterproof Logic receiver brass splice kit with direct bury gel filled housing for receiver to two-wire path connection.


  • Do not store above 150°F
  • U.V. Stabilized
  • Insulation material is non-toxic, waterproof and petroleum free.
  • Operating temperature 20-150°F
  • Voltage 36V Maximum

Common AWG Wire combination

Quantity Size Combination
2-3 #10 1#10 to 1#12
2-4 #12 1#10 to 1 or 2#14
3-4 #14 1#12 to 1 or 2#14
4-6 #16 1#12 to 2 or 3#16