Pro-Two 2 Wire Controller

LogicPLUS S is the next important advancement in irrigation technology. This evolution represents a significant step forward in providing an easy to install, easy to use and remarkably easy to maintain Two-Wire Control System. We’ve painstakingly incorporated dozens of commonly reported needs and desires that have been expressed by professionals in the field. They’ve asked for a new generation of controllers and we’re delivering them. They are the new LogicPLUS System S, 42 and 128 Controllers.


ProTwo 2 wire 16 station indoor controller


  • 1 – 16 Stations.
  • Two Wire Technology with unlimited Tees and Crosses in two wire path.
  • Utilizes standard 18/2 wire with a maximum 2,000 foot run (measured by most direct two wire path from Controller to Valve).
  • A P2-D Decoder is used at each valve. Decoder is programmable at Controller to any valve number from 1 to 16 or MV/PS.
  • A maximum of 2 Decoders can operate simultaneously of the same or different numbers plus a Master Valve or Pump Start Relay.
  • P2-D Decoder is shipped with two approved waterproof wire connectors (#DBC-BR) to be used for the Decoder connections to the two wire path.
  • System is compatible with all standard irrigation valve solenoids rated with a 350Ma inrush and 250Ma holding current.
  • Decoders are purchased separate from Controller and are supplied with number identification tags #1 – #16 and MV / PS to identify each valve in the field to its corresponding Controller valve number.
  • 6 Independent Programs.
  • ODD / EVEN or Weekly Calendar.
  • Water Budget by Program.
  • Individual Valve Run Times can be in minutes and hours or seconds and minutes in program.
  • Up to 6 Start Times per Program.
  • Can Operate in Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual modes.
  • Programmable Rain Delay.


ProTwo 2 Wire Decoder


Logic receiver waterproof brass splice kit with direct bury gel filled housing for receiver to Two-wire path connection.