Riser Adapters

Provides the ability to easily create a water source for 1/4” tubing under any sprinkler with a 1/2” inlet.
Ideal for supplemental watering of remote plantings that were previously under irrigated and for easily watering potted/hanging plants using an existing sprinkler with a 1/2” inlet as the water source.

Available with either one or two 1/4” barbed outlets.


1 Barbed Outlet


2 Barbed Outlets


  • Moveable barb outlet to desired orientation
  • Molded of high-grade ABS material
  • Available with either one barbed outlet
    (RPRA 250-1) or two barbed outlets (RPRA 250-2)

Operating Specifications

  • ½” FPT inlet by ½” MPT outlet
  • Barb fits 0.160” OD – 0.170” OD tubing
  • Overall length of fittings is 2.25”